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GOLF in School

The In School/After School Junior Program is specifically designed to make golf fun for beginning, junior golfers and get them interested in this great game.  I go into P.E. classes using S.N.A.G equipment to introduce golf and give them basic instruction in order to make the golf swing, putting an emphasis on FUN!  I also offer an At the School, After School Program that allows the students to learn more about golf with the convenience of staying after school.  Again, using the S.N.A.G equipment they will get more in depth instruction in all aspects of the game, including rules of golf and golf course etiquette.  This is designed to get them prepared to go out to the golf course.  Once at the golf course, I offer weekly junior lessons as well as private lessons for them to get involved.  These lessons will allow them to use actual golf clubs and continue having fun at the course!
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